About Growthbox

GrowthBox is here to help more businesses succeed by making marketing easier to do.

We help small businesses work outĀ what marketing to do and connect them with our growing army of marketing experts all across the UK who can help themĀ get it done.

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Too many businesses fail or don’t achieve their potential each year and their ability to get and keep customers is one reason for this. Marketing too often is seen as some kind of ‘dark art’.

Smaller businesses often find marketing hard because they don’t have the time, aren’t sure what to do and, often, don’t know who to trust to help them get and keep more customers. Without customers, there is no business.

GrowthBox is here to help fix that. Our unique and free GrowthPlan provides simple recommendations about what to do. Our content helps grow marketing knowledge. Our trusted partners provide the expertise to make effective marketing happen. GrowthBox takes the pain out of great marketing.

Our philosophy and principles

GrowthBox is here to make marketing easier. We will be clear, helpful and open about what we do and how we do it. We will listen and act on feedback so GrowthBox works harder for everyone involved. We want all businesses to be better because of GrowthBox.

Marketing really doesn’t have to seem like a dark art. Our marketing principles help make it easier:


Be smart.
Know your audience

Understanding your target audience helps you align your business and marketing for greater success


Never stop creating awareness of your brand

Keep your brand front of mind with your target market


Embrace Digital Marketing

Most purchases now start online. Every business needs to be visible in the digital world.


Your customers are your most valuable asset

Look after your customers and they will look after you


Quality content fuels everything you do

Customers love to learn through articles and blogs. Share information to answer their questions and help them understand how you can help them.


Plan, test & learn

Have a clear plan, try new things and keep learning how you can best help your customers. Repeat.

Jim Bulmer GrowthBox

Who we are

Our founder – Jim Bulmer

Building big partnerships and driving sales for one of the UK’s most iconic brands led me to the world of smaller businesses and a voluntary leadership role helping the StartUp Britain campaign. I’ve seen first hand the challenges faced by hundreds of small and medium sized businesses and know how it is possible to overcome them. A business without customers isn't a business BUT - the good news - marketing can be made easier for small businesses…and with a little disruption in the marketing services world, more businesses will succeed.

My background? I’ve had a successful growth-focused career with expertise across sales, marketing, partnerships, market insight and go-to-market strategy with great networks across all markets. I love bringing businesses together to achieve a common goal and I’m so excited to finally launch what smaller businesses have told me they need.

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