Marketing your business is tough.


Finding and keeping customers has never been more important. GrowthBox helps small and medium-sized businesses work out what marketing to do and connects them with the marketing experts they need to get it done.

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Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the UK economy. Marketing, or getting and keeping customers, is essential to succeed but for many it can seem difficult to do. 

GrowthBox makes marketing easier by helping businesses work out what marketing to do and connecting them with marketing experts to get it done. For a free and immediate marketing healthcheck, click 'free plan' below. For help finding the right marketing experts to help your business grow, click 'connect me' and we will do the rest.

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How does GrowthBox work?

We know that many businesses simply don't have a lot of time, often don't have a marketing background and are unsure who they can trust to handle their marketing for them. 

Three steps to marketing success with GrowthBox:

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Why work with Growthbox?


It's Quick

The GrowthBox planning tool takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


It's Smart

We know every business is unique. You tell us about your goals and current marketing. We give you a free bespoke plan based on proven marketing principles.


You Grow

Use your free plan to help you decide your next steps. DIY or we can connect you with trusted experts.

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Business success stories


Technology company

AgriSound is a technology company specialising in pollination management. They combine acoustic monitoring with environmental sensors to better understand the factors causing bee population decline to support bee keepers and growers.

“The GrowthBox process was really useful. The recommendations helped to shape our future marketing plans.”

Casey Woodward, Founder & CEO, AgriSound


Blow Hairdressing

Hair salon

Blow Hairdressing is a professional unisex Hair salon based in the beautiful village of Bishopthorpe. We use organic AVEDA hair products to treat hair and scalp problems, and there’s always a friendly welcome.

“I love the GrowthBox idea. Now we're back in business I will be using the GrowthBox plan to help with future marketing!”

Andy Richardson, Owner, Blow Hairdressing


Charlotte's Animal Services

Pet Boarding Service

Charlotte's Animal Services specialise in home boarding for small animals as well as offering a range of pet care services and pet presents.

"GrowthBox provided a true picture of my marketing. As well as identifying issues it also identified the steps to take to resolve them. A great complete marketing package to allow my business to achieve its goals."

Charlotte Cross - Business Owner 

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