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4th July 2023

York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub partners with GrowthBox

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5th May 2023

The GrowthBox planning tool

A little guide about what to expect from our marketing planning tool and what information you may need.

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6th October 2022

Word of mouth....and how to get more of it

'Word of mouth' is the most common source of new business for small businesses however it is often left to chance. In this article, we explore word of mouth marketing and how you can influence it to help your business grow.

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28th September 2022

FaceBook organic versus paid ads: what's the difference?

Our partner Pick & Mix Social Media Marketing outline some of the key differences between unpaid Facebook posts and Facebook ads, and how these two types of content can be combined to create a successful Facebook marketing strategy…

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22nd September 2022

How much does it cost your business to get a customer?

During times of economic downturn, looking for ways to improve your customer acquisition cost and increase your marketing effectiveness is one of the most vital things you can do for your marketing activities. Read more about how to go about it in our article.

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14th September 2022

Know your customer - creating a marketing persona

56% of consumers believe businesses need to have a deeper understanding of their needs. Creating marketing personas is a way to help you do that. Find out why and how here...

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7th September 2022

Things to consider when calculating a small business marketing budget

Just completed your GrowthBox plan? You may now be wondering how much you should spend on your marketing activities. In this article, we will highlight the main considerations when setting a marketing budget and break down the key differences in hiring a marketing consultant vs hiring a marketing agency.

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30th August 2022

Great content marketing starts with a well-designed content calendar

1 in 4 purchases in the UK happen because of an interaction with social media and some 70% of customers prefer to learn about businesses through articles and blogs (‘content marketing’) rather than through ads. Build a content calendar and be social! Find out how here....

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24th August 2022

How to find the right marketing supplier for your business

With almost 51,000 marketing services providers in the UK, we understand that it can be hard knowing how to choose one. In this article, we share GrowthBox views on things to consider when choosing a marketing supplier and how to assess their proposals.

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23rd August 2022

Help your business get found online: K.I.S.S.

With more than 4 in 5 customer purchases starting online and nearly all of those searches not getting beyond page 1 of the search engine, being easily found online has never been more important for small businesses. Helen from GrowthBox partner Ink Gardener Copywriting outlines why shorter sentences are so important for SEO, explains what the Flesch Kincaid readability index is and how you can work out your score.

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18th August 2022

How much should I expect to pay for marketing?

Marketing can seem like a dark art to many and the darkest part is often having a sense of how much marketing services may cost. This article pulls together an early view of the typical costs in the UK for small business marketing.

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11th August 2022

Marketing isn’t discretionary. Customers = revenue

Managing cashflow is crucial at all times of course but marketing isn’t a discretionary activity. Don’t lose touch with those who provide the revenue your business needs. Keep talking with your target audience….but make sure every £ invested works as hard as it can for your business. Read on...

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3rd August 2022

How to write a great press release

If you want to get your brand out there, PR (public relations) can be a great way to do it. Often this starts with a press release to tell media channels about your business. GrowthBox partner CommsbyFaith shows us where to start.

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23rd June 2022

Using Customer Data to Understand and Engage Your Target Audience

Information about your existing customers can be a real goldmine and help your business grow. But it is surprisingly often overlooked. GrowthBox partner DBS Data share their views on how to make the most of it to grow your future business.

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13th February 2022

PR and Social Media - a match made in heaven?

Social media and PR may seem like two entirely separate entities, and for the most part, they are and should be treated as such. However, that does not mean that they cannot work together and complement each other to form a well-rounded and successful strategy. Our partner Faith shares their views on how to go about it...

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7th February 2022

What problems do you solve for your customers?

It is really important all businesses are clear about the problems they solve, for whom and why they are best placed to do it. This article aims to help small businesses do exactly that..

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14th September 2021

How to write a website design brief

A massive 81% of purchases start online. Close to 35% of UK businesses don't have a website and are missing out on sales. But before building a website, it is important to be clear on the detail. GrowthBox partner See Green has created this simple guide to help provide a little food for thought.

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30th August 2021

All great website ideas start with a great plan...

And a little preparation can pay huge dividends. So, here are some steps from our friends at See Green to consider in your design plan before you take on the task of developing your website.

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Sproutsocial - why consumers follow brands on social media 2021

24th August 2021

"Fish where the fish are": know your audience

Having a detailed view of who your customers are, their needs and where you can find them will help your investment in marketing work harder for your business. Here's how to do it.

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6th July 2021

What is a website audit and do we need one?

Helen from Ink Gardener Copywriting explains what to look out for when it comes to a website audit.

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24th June 2021

10 tips for how to gain reviews for your business

Your customers are your greatest asset. Find out how you can gain reviews from them to help you get more customers.

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24th June 2021

6 top tips for measuring your marketing performance

If you don't measure your marketing performance, you won't know where to invest your hard-earned money. Read this useful how-to guide.

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18th June 2021

Email marketing strategy tips to generate leads

Our friends over at Little Seed Group talk here about tips to make email work for your business.

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17th June 2021

How to create a great social media marketing plan

Pick and Mix Marketing share their views on the steps to create a social media plan for your business.

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10th June 2021

How to set a marketing budget for your small business

Setting a budget for marketing is SO important and often overlooked. Angie Downs of Halo Effect Marketing shares her views on how to go about it.

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10th June 2021

5 reasons why you should use social media for business

Our partner, Pick & Mix Marketing, shared a useful article on the importance of social media and how to go about it. Read on...

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10th June 2021

The ultimate guide to writing a small business marketing plan

Angie Downs of Halo Effect Marketing shares her expertise to help create a small business marketing plan

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