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Popular questions about GrowthBox are below. If you need something else, click ‘Contact’, let us know how we can help, and we will be in touch.



Planning process

How does the GrowthPlan process work?

You tell us a little about your business, your challenges and aspirations and your current marketing. We analyse this information and apply GrowthBox marketing principles to produce your GrowthPlan - a series of recommendations based on your situation. Your plan is accessible through your account, can be edited. You can then choose what to take forward in your business and how to go about it - do-it-yourself or ask our partners to make contact with you with their proposals based on your needs.

''Connect Me' - partner contact process

How do I connect with a partner to deliver my marketing needs?

If you need help with marketing, whether to deliver a need identified in your GrowthPlan, or need you have identified yourself, one of our partners will be able to help you get it done. Simply choose 'Connect Me', complete our short briefing forum (takes 2-3 minutes) and we will arrange for relevant expert to contact you and develop their proposals for you.

How and when will they make contact with me?

You tell us your preferred contact method and our partners will start there. Unless you say otherwise, our partners will first try and contact you within 48 hours.

What obligations do I have to accept their proposal?

None. Our partners are keen to fully understand your needs and will advise exactly what they can do to help with associated costs, timescales, etc. You choose which, if any, proposal you wish to accept. Your agreement is directly with our partner. Here at GrowthBox we simply ask you to provide feedback to GrowthBox and our partners about your experience and what we could do to better help you.


Data collection

How will you use my data and how will you protect it?

What is your Privacy Policy?

Click here to view our Privacy Policy.


Growthbox charges

How does GrowthBox make money?

The GrowthBox ethos, based on decades of creating partnerships, is that everyone involved wins. GrowthBox is FREE for small businesses. It operates a low-cost monthly subscription for marketing service providers and a small revenue share only for successful opportunities. These are designed to reduce the cost of customer acquisition for marketing service providers - so they win. GrowthBox also provides feedback to all marketing service providers to they can how they compare to their peers and use this insight to improve and grow.

Partner obligations

What obligations do partners have to accept an opportunity from GrowthBox?

None. We will match the client and need with our partners who can then either accept or decline the opportunity based on, for example, their current commitments, project fit, etc. Once accepted, partners should make first contact with the client within 48 hours.



What feedback can we provide to help GrowthBox improve?

Simple. We want to be able to continue to improve GrowthPlan and the GrowthBox process to best meet your needs, and we also want to be able to help our partners improve their offers too. Your feedback - a few minutes investment of your time - will help us better serve your business and others in future.


What feedback can we provide to help GrowthBox improve?

To make sure GrowthBox works hard for our mutual clients and our partners, we want to learn things about the opportunity we connected you with, how well it matched your expertise, how well we identified the client's needs, and what happened when you made your proposal to the client. We will use this feedback to improve GrowthBox and how we serve your business.


Joining GrowthBox

Why would my business work with GrowthBox?

With some 6m businesses in the UK, there are plenty of businesses needing expert help with their marketing. The challenge is identifying who needs help at the right moment. GrowthBox aims to solve that by helping businesses work out what marketing to do. If they choose to connect with our partners, they are asking for expert help. Our partners in turn should expect reduced costs of customer acquisition, as all opportunities are highly qualified and seeking help our partners can provide.  Once you accept an opportunity, you take the contact forward from there as your business normally would!

How do I join as a partner?

Simply complete our contact form on and we will be in touch shortly.

What are the costs involved with being a partner?

The GrowthBox ethos is that everyone involved wins. Our marketing service providers should expect a reduced cost of customer acquisition, together with opportunities to promote their expertise through content and feedback on all customer pitches to help them see how they compare with their peers to improve and grow.

We operate a monthly subscription to be part of the platform, and a small revenue share for opportunities which result in new business for the marketing service provider.

Monthly subscription costs are low-cost at £50 / month, with payments taken on a recurring basis via Stripe. Revenue share is typically 5-10% of the winning proposal, assessed per opportunity.

General contact

Help and advice

I need a little advice about marketing or the GrowthBox model. Can you help?

If you need a little help or advice, reach out to us! We are more than happy to listen and to help.

I've got an idea which might help GrowthBox - how do I tell you about it?

Marvellous! Reach out through our 'contact' form and we will be in touch!

Queries about my plan

I want to talk about my GrowthPlan

We want to make GrowthPlan really help you and your business. If you have any queries, thoughts or ideas, we are delighted to listen. If you want just to talk through your GrowthPlan to bring it to life a little more, happy to do that too! Reach out via the 'contact' link on GrowthBox and we will be in touch.

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