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The GrowthBox planning tool

A little guide about what to expect from our marketing planning tool and what information you may need.

Lots of businesses want to grow but many aren't confident about what marketing will help them achieve their goals. GrowthBox has dealt with lots of businesses who are in this position and we usually find there are some basic but important points missing which could make all the difference. After all, marketing should be an investment providing a return for the business.

The GrowthBox planning was created to help businesses understand their marketing position and to identify things to prioritise to make it more effective and valuable. It typically takes 5-10 minutes to complete and feedback tells us that even completing the questions is valuable, and that's before the document arrives in their inbox!

So what's involved?

To provide useful recommendations we need to understand what businesses are hoping to achieve, their current marketing situation and a little about the business itself. All questions have multiple choice or have a scale to capture your views on performance: two examples below so you know what to expect:

Planning tool

The tool acts as a guide through four sections:

  1. Your goals. Are you currently marketing or wanting to start? What are the main marketing goals you want to achieve? This is a multiple choice area though you can add your own comments if needed.
  2. Current marketing. A series of questions designed to understand what marketing is in place already - everything from a website through to the channels in use. We also ask you to comment on how they are working for you. All multiple choice answers.
  3. Marketing fundamentals. "Create solid foundations before you build your house" they say and this is equally true for marketing your business. Here we want to understand what a little about what you understand about your customers, the value you create for them, the problem you solve, whether or not you have a clear marketing plan, etc. 
  4. Finally, your business. A handful of questions designed to understand a little about your business, how you operate and where your customers can be found. 

Useful information to know or have to hand:

Zero preparation is required, the questions are largely about understanding what, if anything, marketing you have in place and how well it is working for you. It is useful to understand areas such as the typical value of a customer to your business, how often they make a purchase - or at least a good indication from the options we provide you with.

And that's it!

When you have completed the questions, add your email, click 'generate' and our recommendations will land in your inbox immediately.

A final point. Here at GrowthBox we fully appreciate business owners and leaders are busy people. We will be changing the way we provide our plan in future to help more in this area but in the meantime, if you want to talk through your recommendations, just click the link in the email containing your plan and we will find time to take you through it.

All part of our free service.

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